27 January 2012

It’s A Go for CDO: A new Cagayan de Oro City Tourism campaign

Cagayan de Oro or CDO as popularly called the city of golden friendship bounced back after the massive devastation brought by typhoon sendong. The catastrophic event has been the worst ever recorded in the city but the city has picked up the pieces and move forward with the slogan “It’s A Go for CDO”.

CDO is considered as the bustling metropolis of the south and the centre for all financial trade in the whole of northern Mindanao. The city is just about 5 hour drive to Davao (Philippines biggest city) and home to major tourist destinations Mindanao could be proud of.  To name a few, there’s the most popular tourist destination Camiguin Island, Asia’s biggest statue of Sacred Heart in El Salvador, Alibuag Dive resort, Ostrich Farm, Camp Philips Pineapple Plantation, Dahilayan Adventure Park, White water rafting, Jatico Multiple Zipline, F.S. Catanico Falls, Macahambus cave, Lim Ket Kai Mall (the pride of Mindanao), Mc Arthur Park and  San Augustine Cathedral.

If you want to witness colourful festivities, Kagay-an Festival will always be held every 27th to 28th of August. The city’s annual celebration honours San Augustine as the city’s patron saint. The celebration showcases Cagayan’s unique hospitality and grandiose welcoming. Witness Street dances and beauty parades that is truly unique the Kagay-anon way.

And when you left CDO, don’t you ever forget to add your sweet memories with special delights of pasalubong at CDO’s best: Slers Ham, Peanut Kisses, Vandeep pastel, Del Monte fresh pineapples and other tropical fruits at Divisoria Fruit stand.

CDO has always been the best place to visit the whole year round, progress and development will always be splendid in your sight as it commune with nature with gentle breezes of fresh air your lungs can still savour. Because Cagayan de Oro residents moved to embrace progress akin to nature.

So by the time you take your first step at CDO Lumbia Airport, our smile starts to bloom to where golden friendship starts to blaze.

Where to stay : Cagayan de Oro Hotels

Flights to Cagayan de Oro: Check the latest

Four airlines fly to Lumbia Airport (CGY): Cebu Pacific, PAL Express, Zest Airways, and Philippine Airlines. The most popular service is to Manila, though there are flights to Cebu and Davao, too. International travelers will find themselves stopping in another city, like Manila, before arriving at the airport, since it has no customs facilities. Cebu Pacific operates the most daily flights to and from Lumbia Airport (CGY).

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24 January 2012

Social Security System Promo " Member - Get - Member

Social Security System (SSS) launches  promo for OFWs " Member get Member from January 01 to June 30 2012If you are an active SSS member all you have to do is motivate fellow OFW to register SSS as member and you will win a trip back home and cash prizes.This promo is a good way of reaching out Overseas Filipino Workers. Take the chances and help fellow OFW make their first step to a guaranteed life security. To join the promo please read the details below. Brochure  courtesy of SSS Philippines

View more documents from SSS Philippines
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16 January 2012

Rich Arab countries according to Forbes Middle East.

Forbes Middle East latest survey showed that Top four  Arab countries has dominated the Arab region in profitable revenue growth. These countries are the Arab - oil exporting countries. The survey results showed that the top Arab countries has also increased its spending in infrastructure development and raise the people's living standard according to wages, health care, education and other vital sectors.

Saudi Arabia topped the list followed by United Arab Emirates as second, Qatar as third and Oman as fourth.  Forbes Middle East survey Team has based all the results from the following:

Gross Domestic Product
Gross Public Debt of the GDP
General Government Revenues
Gross Official Reserves
Gross National Savings
Average Inflation

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12 January 2012

Automotive Manufacturing Careers in 2012

If you ever wonder where to find fulfilling careers this year. Forget those uncertainties for this might help you.

The whole world hopes for a financial health this year of 2012. Countries like United States, Canada, Germany, Japan, and China optimistically gearing towards progressive manufacturing. This countries leverage this sector for just looking qualified individuals who has maximum talents trusted enough to handle opportunities. Potential individual will be given a chance to land high paying automotive manufacturing careers  

Consider GM- Manufacturing where qualified employees pampered in its best where working environment has never been stressful while harmonious relationship sets in. GM as the world’s leader in the industry has a proven record of service and safety. Every single employee has been considered an integral part of that magnificent team making the company the world’s No.1 in the industry.

If you are interested then why not consider finding automotive manufacturing careers.

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06 January 2012

Best Jobs and Careers in 2012

 Health care, Engineering and Information Technology still dominates  the labor sector in 2012. According to the AOL website, a survey result said companies would likely hire 9.5% fresh graduates employees. However, in order to leverage to the job market individual with university degree coupled with great training will likely be among the best bet for the jobs in 2012.

Germany has the most healthy job market in all of European Union. With the lowest unemployment rate from 20 years ago, The job market is very much open in Healthcare, IT, and Engineering.

Health care sector has an average of 60,000 USD - 75,000 USD annual salary. Though, this year's  most popular job is medical assistant. To become one, certain applicant must have a minimum college degree and a training specifically as a physician assistant.

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