23 February 2012

Qatar Airways' Doha - Cebu Trip soon ends

It seems so sad to know that Qatar Airways is ending its Doha - Cebu trip this March 26. Qatar Airways noted as 5 star airlines in the industry will soon cease to fly from Doha to Cebu due to the rising fuel costs. The servicing route used to bring in tourists mostly from europe will be a big set back in Cebu's tourism industy.

Qatar Airways started the servicing route in 2003 and from that 9 years period the surge of tourist counted to 76% mostly from Europe. the Hotel, Resort and Restaurant Association of Cebu asked Qatar Aiways to consider by appealling not to suspend its Doha- Cebu flights.  Qatar Airways flies from Doha to Cebu three times weekly.

This Doha- Cebu route was such a good altenative 9 hours flight for overseas Filipino workers mostly from the Middle East, I remember a former colleague where we used to work in Riyadh, he's always flying Qatar airways on route Doha- Cebu. But, if no internvention from the Department of Tourism and those from the Travel Industry top management. Those OFWs' from Cebu will then be forced to take alternative routes probably Cathay Pacific which was then on international servicing route to Cebu.

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14 February 2012

Sending Flowers and Gifts to the Philippines

ManilaFlorist.comSend Flowers and gifts to your loved ones anywhere in the Philippines.

A simple thought of sending  gifts will make them feel important and cherished. 
Though sending gifts and flowers sounds like chessy these days but the happiness brought by remembering them on special days will have their hearts filled with joy and gladness.

On such special days like Valentines, Wedding Anniversaries, Birthdays, or just a thought of missing your partner.  Listen to what your heart speaks and bring it with flowers and gifts.


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