22 September 2012


Phils. Anti- Cybercrime Law: A threat to social media users freedom of Speech?

September 12 was the date Pres. Aquino signed the anti-cybercrime law, The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

Many social media users specially bloggers decry the stipulations of this law. According to them, the fear of the implications from the new cybercrime law in which the freedom of expression will be choked and so with the freedom of the press. This law might have hightened the provision of  libel though from using  the latest technology in communication. 

The Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 is intended to punish offenses such as identity theft, spamming, cybersex, child pornography,  hacking and libel.

The concern of the bloggers and  the general social medi users would be, what happen to the freedom of expression?. One thing for sure, online libel offenses will expectedly a major subject in court litigation. 

According to a certain  comment posted under Philstar.com, that the Philippines Anti-cybercrime Prevention Act has broaden the scope of the libel law from which the United Nations Human Rights Council declared it excessive and called the Philippine government to review the provision to a favor of decriminalizing libel.

Eventually, this law is a clear sign that the Philippines is moving backward from the digital world. "The passage of this law will signal a floodgates of internet regulations that will gravely affect Filipino netizens" according to The  Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility.

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