01 November 2012


OFW, How Can You Earn Extra Income through Blogging

An OFW who earns more than a million every month is too lucky to get such high paying job, but for most of us, other source of extra income is really necessary.

Starting a blog is not a good idea when you badly needed additional money now, but when you start it today, it could help you later on when you take good care of it. Here are some guidelines based on my personal experience which aim to help you.

1. Set up a blog at Blogger (blogspot.com).

When entering into the world of blogging, I can only recommend two platforms for you, the Wordpress.com and Blogger. But since advertising is Wordpress.com is not allowed for newly created blogs which have only little traffic, you better start blogging at Blogger or blogspot.com.

Do not be lazy to search for tutorials in the internet if there are something you do not know how to do. Almost every idea you needed are now available internet in just few clicks.

If you’re lazy, it is better for you to stop reading this post from this point.

2. Write a blog post in freestyle.

There many tips online which suggest steps on what to do and what to write in your first few days or weeks in blogging, but I tell you, feel free to write anything. Just write nicely, it doesn’t need to be perfect.

You can even say that you are trying to make a post but you do not know how to start. You can write about what was your dream last night or what did you eat this morning. Just be nice in your language.

I also started a freestyle blog. I wrote about window display ideas, design, my personal experiences, my favorite stuff and anything which I feel good writing about.

It is easy to create content if you do not think of any rules in writing.

3. Network with other bloggers.

There are already millions of bloggers in the world and it would be easy to get connected with them online. Join with their group on Facebook, on forums and any other places in the internet where you can find them or should I say, us.

By connecting with them, you can learn a lot about blogging which you can use to improve your blog and you blogging skills.

4. Apply for your Adsense.

I intentionally put this idea in the third part because it is better to apply for your Adsense account if your blog have at least more than ten posts.

On the other hand, you can actually apply for an Adsense account at the same day you created you blog. This is the recent information I have receive from new bloggers.

Adsense will help you earn very little income while your blog is still new. Don’t expect hundred dollars from Adsense during your first six month in blogging.

5. Improve your content and writing style.

If you will just stick on a freestyle writing, do not expect to receive bigger amount of extra income from blogging. Improve your content. Improve your writing style. Improve you blog.

The better content you have, the closer you are to success.

6. Identify your niche and write for your audience.

A blog which is serving a specific group of audience is more like to succeed than a blog with random topics.

According to Seth Godin, “The most effective stories match the world view of tiny audience – and then that tiny audience spread the story.”

7. Grow your blog and keep earning from it.

Maintain your blog. Publish contents regularly. Buy your own domain name, and if you can, go for a self-hosted blog.

When you blog will have high traffic and ranking, you can start accepting sponsored post, direct advertisements and other avenue to generate income from your blog and blogging. Your blog will be a good source of passive income when it has good quality.

That’s all for now. Thank you for reading. Godspeed!


Jyppe A. Quidores is a print design and visual merchandising specialist. He blogs at The Creativity Window about (but not limited to) visual arts with emphasis on visual merchandising, print design (e.g. packaging design), product photography and creative display – which are helpful for retailers and other individuals from different creative fields especially the beginners. Follow him on Twitter @jpquidores.

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