08 January 2013


Filipina OFW Find True Love in Oman

Defying culture and religion for true love’s sake is a sweet treasure for a girl she could ever find.

A Filipina OFW came from South Cotabato Mindanao, Philippines find her treasure in Oman. She married an Arab Omani fellow. Who, against all odds endures everything and crossed all boundaries just to get her legally in his arms.

From my casual opportunity of having  talked to this fellow, just when he came to the clinic for common cold treatment, I am extremely astonished hearing him as he spoke Tagalog fluently. Well, perhaps not a common encounter as most Arab men tried to blow their Filipina friends admiration and attention by speaking Tagalog.

I’ve met Hakeem, a simple and vibrant gentleman who worked as a hand in one of the Rigs I was stationed in. From the middle of our good conversation, he just told me he is married to a Filipina for more than 6 years. He is proud and happily married as they are blessed with 2 kinds (a boy and a girl) and one to go.

He had waited 5 years from the Oman government to finally get the approval of marrying his true love. From the Arab culture it is not in context of norm marrying woman not of same culture and most especially of different religion.

He had stayed few years in the Philippines. He left his job and his family, no support received from anybody, but by his love he faced all sacrifices and defies all that stood in between them. He had constructed a four bedroom house and opened a sari-sari store for their livelihood. They had survived a frugal way of living but life in the remote islands of the Philippines is hard. They decided to come back here in Oman and venture a new life of living together in spite of the odds of getting penalized.

To this date, they are happily and legally married here in Muscat, Oman, a happy family with 2 kids and one coming. They now savor the social acceptance in the Arab community.  The kids go to school regularly and his wife does the usual household chores. They attended regular meetings and a usual family gets together party.  The lady is already well accepted by Hakeem’s parents and the most loved daughter in-law. Both of his wife and kids now have Omani passports.

They have no plans to settle in the Philippines yet.  For the time being, his wife wants their kids to embrace the Arab culture as normally as their father does.

This is an extra ordinary story for a Filipina OFW who had found true love to an Arab gentleman.

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