28 February 2013

Etihad Airways global premiere on its newest Television commercial

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates established as the world's leading airline in just eight years. 

Set as the icon of Arabian hospitality enhanced the prestige of Abu Dhabi as the capital of United Arab Emirates' hospitality that is linking between East and West.

Etihad Airways is proud to present the preview of their new television commercial  which is filmed across three continents and featuring their  inspired product and quality service.

With the dream of meeting up a truly outstanding and a memorable travel experience to their quests worldwide.

Etihad Airways says, " The World is our Home, You are our Guest".

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27 February 2013

Returning Overseas Filipino Workers Bankrupt

According to the Social Enterprise Development Partnerships, Inc.(SEDPI), the reason why returning OFWs' went home bankrupt is because of mismanagement of their liquid assets. Meaning overseas Filipino workers spend more of their cash than putting it in the bank as emergency savings.

The idea of financial management as advised must be an equation of  

          income - savings = expenses

However, this is likely the most difficult task most OFW's hard to comply, instead most of the cash were spent to home improvement and renovation, car purchases and electronic gadgets. What is left will be a minimal amount for their savings account.

DOLE and OWWA are both governmental agencies advocating OFW Financial Literacy Program. It is then included in the Pre- Departure Orientation Seminar or PDOS to give outgoing overseas Filipino workers a basic idea of financial management.

Try to watch the video below and if you are one of those OFW who have no basic knowledge of Financial Management, try to act now before it's too late. Make a study of your finances and save what is important for emergency needs. 

Video from GMA News 24 Oras: Ilang nagbabalikbayang OFW, bangkarote.

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25 February 2013

Free Travel Journal From Globe Telecom and SM Department Stores

Are you a loyal Globe Telecom subscriber?, Are you an avid traveler who loves to document all your destinations? 

Then perhaps this is your chance to avail these limited edition free travel journal from Globe Telecom Inc. and SM Department Stores.

In cooperation with the Department of  Tourism, Globe Telecom Inc and SM Mall launched a promo of Free Travel Journal. With the theme of " It's more fun in the Philippines",the travel journal in each bookmarked pages highlighted the must visit places in the selected  popular regions in the Philippines.

Here's the mechanics:

Simply buy all Globe prepaid card designs to avail a Travel Journal. Just complete all 4 card designs with various peso denomination.

How to claim?:

Just present all four card designs and a receipt of purchase to the customer service counter inside SM Department stores nationwide to claim the Free Travel Journal.

The redemption period is only until April 29,2013.

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22 February 2013

POEA's Online Appointment System for returning OFWs

POEA advised Balik- Manggagawa or OFW's returning to their work  to avail the POEA online appointment system to process their exit clearance or the overseas employment certificate.

The service is FREE provided for the convenience of the vacationing Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs'). Using the Online Appointment System will process OEC's on their own schedule and be spared from the long lines of the workers at the POEA offices and  vacationing OFW could enjoy uninterrupted holiday with their family members.

POEA has put up satellite offices in selected SM malls and Duty Free Philippines in Paranaque city for those who choose to get their exit clearance at their own selected date and time.

Below are the standard requirements and Fees to process the Exit Clearance or Overseas Employment Certificate

    1. Passport - valid at least 6 months from the date of departure
    2. Valid Work Visa / Work Permit or Equivalent Document
    3. Proof of Employment returning to same employer
      (e.g., Employment Contract, Certificate of Employment/Company ID/Pay slip)
  • POEA Processing FeeP 100per e-Receipt / OEC
    OWWA Membership Contribution$ 25 USD
    (in peso equivalent)
    per contract coverage
    PHILHEALTH ContributionP 1,200one year coverage
    PAG-IBIG ContributionP 100minimum amount per month

Follow the procedures to avail the Free service of the POEA Balik- Manggagawa Appointment System

Visit the website  ====   Set an Appointment

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21 February 2013

Zac Efron discovered Philippines magical culture

Philippines is not new to Zac's ears, his father kept talking about Philippines from his past multiple visits. What his father always mentioned was more about the culture, places, islands, the people and most importantly the exotic foods.

Perhaps he had enough from what his father has said, he finally decided to tag along from his father's next journey to the Philippines.

Zac even he had never been to the Philippines before but with his recent status as one of the most popular young Hollywood actor, it is no doubt Filipinos (younger men and women alike) proudly welcomes him.

Just before the year 2012 ended, Zac with his entourage traveled to the Philippines and saw the islands in his very own eyes. He was mesmerized and discovered what he called "magical culture".

From his interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Zac intricately relayed his firsthand experience of eating “Balut”, a duck egg with an embryo aged from 18 to 21 days inside the incubator.

Guess, what? He enjoyed it! He even said, he had eaten 3 pieces of balut.

Here’s the rest of the interview.

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19 February 2013

Chikka treats long distance couple

“In this age of Facebook posts, tweets and shout-outs, there is a special place for a text message, especially between two people who are challenged by distance. We know because they tell us their stories all the time thru our Customer Service.  And so we thought of a Valentine’s Day tribute,” shares Junie Agcaoili, Corporate Communications Director of Chikka Philippines, Inc. “After all, it is in very special occasions like this that millions of Filipinos count on Chikka Text Messenger to exchange messages with their loved ones.”
“Dear Chikka…”

Jaynnel Agrade decided to share their story with Chikka Customer Service.

Just like many global Filipinos who are working hard for their families, Jaynnel and Rocel, brave the long distance for a brighter future for their family, especially for their little boy, Jairus. They’re grateful that they’re able to communicate with each other constantly and they appreciate that Chikka continues to help Filipinos like them who are separated by distance.

“It has made our relationship stronger. Wherever I am, I can text my fianc√© in the Philippines. Chikka has brought our hearts closer despite being far away from each other,” exclaims Jaynnel, a Filipino nurse based in Hawaii. Chikka has been with them since the beginning of their relationship in 2008 after meeting online and is still helping them through thick and thin.

It is Chikka’s special job this time to deliver Jaynnel’s Valentine’s message together with flowers, chocolates and gifts to Rocel and her baby boy.

Love conquers the distance. 
Rocel Esposo and Jaynnel Agrade, 
certified Chikka couple for Valentine’s 2013.
“Jaynnel and Rocel’s story is just one of the millions that inspire Chikka to continue providing a way for our fellow Filipinos to be able to stay in-touch with their loved ones here and abroad. We like to think of little surprises like this as a way of giving back to our users; who knows, we may be saving them from a bad day,” explains Junie.

With billions of messages exchanged between online and mobile communities since 2001, Chikka’s flagship Chikka Text Messenger is probably the world’s first commercially successful integration of web and mobile utilities.

The company has since evolved into an incubator for new technologies and innovation, producing telco-grade platforms and real value-added services for the new digital and mobile generation. Chikka’s mission, first stated in 2000 is: “To bring together communities, heretofore separated by geographical barriers and differences in technology.”

About Chikka:

Chikka is a subsidiary of Smart Communications.

Chikka Text Messenger lets you send free text messages to mobile subscribers in the Phillippines from wherever you are in the world. Your friends can also reply to your Chikka messages instantly, either from their mobile phones or downloadable messenger clients.

Text for FREE up to 100 messages to Philippine mobile phones

To Use for Free and download chikka messenger application 

Click  Chikka

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18 February 2013

My Lot: Express Yourself and Earn

Internet has given stay home individuals a potential to earn online. Freelancer and or part time online earner proved that internet has given them opportunity to augment their earnings. However, you need to be very careful in joining other online money making sites since you might be scammed. Try to verify and review the programs being offered, there are legitimate money making sites just search and be patient since these are not considered quick rich scheme. 
Those who have the opportunity to always be hooked up online and spend so much time chatting, facebooking, or having a multiple accounts on other social media sites.

Then consider My Lot a new way to earn money online. What is in My Lot is online earning potential. Not only that, you can get involve in group discussions, post any confusing situations which you think you need some advise or help. There's a good way of getting more online friends whom you can share your thoughts through various discussions.

My Lot offers you to earn online from the comfort of own time at home or  from wherever you are. My Lot task is simple and easy to follow. You don't need to be highly intellectual to accomplish the tasks just follow the basic rules and discussion protocols for you to get compensated.

Build healthy discussion and enrich your online community and earn online by signing up My Lot. It is guaranteed FREE to join.

Click HERE To Join

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16 February 2013

Money Mistakes from Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino workers has earned  more than  they usually received from working back home made them capable of laying out cash  to spend right there and then. Through this, lifestyle of each family members transformed to a more sophisticated status. No wonder, networking executives  and other real estate agents targeted OFW's as their gracious targeted and potential clients. OFWs' often times offered with too good to be true business opportunities and a glamorous executive residential property to acquire.
picture from www.brianpoturnaktrading.com

The present lifestyle status on the OFWs' and their  family members expectantly leaped to what we could say " can buy anything"!. Purchases of latest mobile and gadgets, cars and latest fashion apparels are just some of what we could buy without much hesitation.

In the whole sense, OFW's deserved the wealth he or she could acquire after all it is their hard earned money they spent to something they  thought important. But with this overwhelming newly possessed habit, family future might be in the losing end. Extravagance has a predictable consequence and a reasonable money management has a fruitful labor and benefits.

Now,I feel like I am compelled to share this article written by a financial warrior. I don't know the author personally but his advocacy of financial education has caught my attention.

Try to click the link below and read.

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14 February 2013

OFW: Happy Valentine's Day


Happy Valentine's Day
sa lahat
Kahit sino at saan ka man...
Ito ang araw ng puso mo!
Sana naman sa araw na'to
mararamdaman mo
ang pag bati ng iyong
Minamahal ....

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