19 February 2013


Chikka treats long distance couple

“In this age of Facebook posts, tweets and shout-outs, there is a special place for a text message, especially between two people who are challenged by distance. We know because they tell us their stories all the time thru our Customer Service.  And so we thought of a Valentine’s Day tribute,” shares Junie Agcaoili, Corporate Communications Director of Chikka Philippines, Inc. “After all, it is in very special occasions like this that millions of Filipinos count on Chikka Text Messenger to exchange messages with their loved ones.”
“Dear Chikka…”

Jaynnel Agrade decided to share their story with Chikka Customer Service.

Just like many global Filipinos who are working hard for their families, Jaynnel and Rocel, brave the long distance for a brighter future for their family, especially for their little boy, Jairus. They’re grateful that they’re able to communicate with each other constantly and they appreciate that Chikka continues to help Filipinos like them who are separated by distance.

“It has made our relationship stronger. Wherever I am, I can text my fiancé in the Philippines. Chikka has brought our hearts closer despite being far away from each other,” exclaims Jaynnel, a Filipino nurse based in Hawaii. Chikka has been with them since the beginning of their relationship in 2008 after meeting online and is still helping them through thick and thin.

It is Chikka’s special job this time to deliver Jaynnel’s Valentine’s message together with flowers, chocolates and gifts to Rocel and her baby boy.

Love conquers the distance. 
Rocel Esposo and Jaynnel Agrade, 
certified Chikka couple for Valentine’s 2013.
“Jaynnel and Rocel’s story is just one of the millions that inspire Chikka to continue providing a way for our fellow Filipinos to be able to stay in-touch with their loved ones here and abroad. We like to think of little surprises like this as a way of giving back to our users; who knows, we may be saving them from a bad day,” explains Junie.

With billions of messages exchanged between online and mobile communities since 2001, Chikka’s flagship Chikka Text Messenger is probably the world’s first commercially successful integration of web and mobile utilities.

The company has since evolved into an incubator for new technologies and innovation, producing telco-grade platforms and real value-added services for the new digital and mobile generation. Chikka’s mission, first stated in 2000 is: “To bring together communities, heretofore separated by geographical barriers and differences in technology.”

About Chikka:

Chikka is a subsidiary of Smart Communications.

Chikka Text Messenger lets you send free text messages to mobile subscribers in the Phillippines from wherever you are in the world. Your friends can also reply to your Chikka messages instantly, either from their mobile phones or downloadable messenger clients.

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