16 February 2013


Money Mistakes from Overseas Filipino Workers

Overseas Filipino workers has earned  more than  they usually received from working back home made them capable of laying out cash  to spend right there and then. Through this, lifestyle of each family members transformed to a more sophisticated status. No wonder, networking executives  and other real estate agents targeted OFW's as their gracious targeted and potential clients. OFWs' often times offered with too good to be true business opportunities and a glamorous executive residential property to acquire.
picture from www.brianpoturnaktrading.com

The present lifestyle status on the OFWs' and their  family members expectantly leaped to what we could say " can buy anything"!. Purchases of latest mobile and gadgets, cars and latest fashion apparels are just some of what we could buy without much hesitation.

In the whole sense, OFW's deserved the wealth he or she could acquire after all it is their hard earned money they spent to something they  thought important. But with this overwhelming newly possessed habit, family future might be in the losing end. Extravagance has a predictable consequence and a reasonable money management has a fruitful labor and benefits.

Now,I feel like I am compelled to share this article written by a financial warrior. I don't know the author personally but his advocacy of financial education has caught my attention.

Try to click the link below and read.

Where you stay is half the adventure - RealAdventures

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