21 February 2013


Zac Efron discovered Philippines magical culture

Philippines is not new to Zac's ears, his father kept talking about Philippines from his past multiple visits. What his father always mentioned was more about the culture, places, islands, the people and most importantly the exotic foods.

Perhaps he had enough from what his father has said, he finally decided to tag along from his father's next journey to the Philippines.

Zac even he had never been to the Philippines before but with his recent status as one of the most popular young Hollywood actor, it is no doubt Filipinos (younger men and women alike) proudly welcomes him.

Just before the year 2012 ended, Zac with his entourage traveled to the Philippines and saw the islands in his very own eyes. He was mesmerized and discovered what he called "magical culture".

From his interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Zac intricately relayed his firsthand experience of eating “Balut”, a duck egg with an embryo aged from 18 to 21 days inside the incubator.

Guess, what? He enjoyed it! He even said, he had eaten 3 pieces of balut.

Here’s the rest of the interview.

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