31 March 2013

Kantang patama sa mga OFW.

Sa panahon ngayon, akma pa ba kaya ang kantang ito? 

Napakasakit Kuya Eddie, isang kantang sawi, kwento ng isang masaklap na buhay OFW.

Ilan kaya sa mga kapwa nating OFW ang nakaranas ng ganitong kwento?

Mahirap mangibang bansa dala dala ang mga pangarap at pangakong magandang buhay ngunit ang naiwang minamahal ay di sukat akalain kumaliwa at ang sinumpaang pangako ay  binaliwala.

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30 March 2013

Kulay ng Buhay OFW: Must watch video

I happened to watch this video from my Facebook page. 

Buhay OFW!  A must watch video especially overseas Filipino workers.

This video touches my heart. The words written were seriously  taken from the spirit of hope, courage and love of  the family left home.

The dreams of having a good life inspired every OFW's to work hard and grab all possible opportunities that come along the way.

I do hope whatever that plans may be will give OFWs' a strength to endure all problems from day to day survival of working overseas. 

Dream, hope and hard work these are the best keywords every OFWs' posses in every struggle of survival in their host countries.

OFW!, Believe in your dreams and make it happen.

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29 March 2013

Philippines investment grade status and the OFW

Philippines get investment grade status. Would that mean that our economy is indeed stronger than before, that there is more food in every table of ordinary citizen? That employment rate goes down for there is now influx of foreign investors in the country?

From latest developments, peso currency get stronger from 45 pesos from the past 2 years not it has been stable to approximately 40.16, would this be a good indication of better Philippine economy? Or would this be a big financial threat to 12 million ordinary family members of whom their breadwinner is somewhere overseas sending hard earned money by dollars in remittances monthly.

By this year, as of January OFWs’ and Filipino migrants’ remittances rose up to 8.4% to $1.855 billion according to Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP).  Steady rise of dollar remittances is expected for there around 2 million waiting for deployment. These remittances will continue to support the country’s financial obligations.

Obviously these remittances from Filipinos working overseas in some way pushed this financial rating institution to upgrade Philippines investment status. But wouldn't this be considered superficial rating? Is there any basis on such rating upgrade where in fact, Philippines still relying on the remittances from the 12 million OFWs’? What will happen if half of the 12 million OFW get home or repatriated from their host countries because of their nationalization employment program.

Being an overseas Filipino worker, I am happy with the investment rating, I am hoping though that there would be more foreign and local investments that could generate more employment in the country. I am hoping that with this investment grade, working overseas will no longer be an option but a choice. 

That the Philippines will no longer rely from the influx of OFWs’ remittances instead there would be more manufacturing companies perhaps managed and operated by our very own citizens wherein there is a solid income that proves Philippines  is indeed worthy of the investment grade.

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24 March 2013

OFWs' smart way of hiring cheap airport taxi

Overseas Filipino workers upon reaching NAIA Terminal 1 have these feelings of extreme and unexplained happiness. Undeniably of course yes with eagerness to meet their long missed loved ones. Some, after few years of working overseas might have been disoriented as to where would be better to get a taxi at the terminal area.

Almost always a problem of every returning OFW’s of hiring a safe and honest airport taxi. When getting out from the arrival area, hundreds of taxis queued for their services.

Not might always be a practice but expect overcharging if you will not ask for a meter to run or better take that government based  project of 20 pesos shuttle bus to any terminal and vice versa. 

The shuttle bus is always available at the right corner outside the arrival area. The problem is that the bus will have to wait approximately 20 minutes or more till the seats are all occupied.

If in a hurry, there’s an airport yellow cab waiting for a charge of 50 pesos to 400 pesos, don’t forget to ask for a receipt which will be given to you at their island block office outside the arrival area.  This is by far the safest than any other available transportation outside NAIA Terminal 1. These taxis are organized and record all your destination and taxi details which will help you in later time if there’s an incident or if valuables left at their unit.

When planning to stay in Manila, better arrange hotel car pick up service. This is to keep you free from burden of traveling with so much of luggage at hand.  This is also a safer service and much more convenient as there would be somebody waiting for you at the arrival area waving a placard with your name on it.

Here’s another option if in case there is no budget for the taxi (I really doubt on the no budget thing), but this is one of the wisest idea, upon getting out at the arrival area, there’s a walkway at the left side stroll that way all through the stairs go up and proceed to the departure area, where a metered taxi is available. I suggest get the details of the taxi including the plate number or the taxi body number and the driver’s details for future possible issues.

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20 March 2013

Top summer destinations: Philippine Islands Resorts

It's summer season in the Philippines, the heat is excruciating but it would be best to feel the summer heat from places so relaxing that  basking under the sunlight would be much pleasurable, a time to pamper yourself and the whole family free from daily work related stresses .

Philippines islands offer the best resorts and summer destination so unique that would keep you feel like coming back again.

Below are the suggested resorts that is pocket friendly with uncompromising unique ambiance of tranquility. 

ALTA Cebu Village Resort Daytime Beauty
ALTA Cebu Village Resort

Best 4 Star Quality + Delightful Ambiance + Affordable Price
=Great Value

ALTA is the only NEW 4 star resort in Cebu and also the only American Owned and operated resort.

Starting at US $69 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Reef Retreat Resort Reef Retreat Resort: Image # 1
Reef Retreat Resort
We have air conditioning, Wi-Fi, cable TV and private balcony/veranda in every room, perfect for windsurfers.

Starting at US $48 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Blue Crystal Beach Resort Front View
Blue Crystal Beach Resort
Family and scuba diving resort in Puerto Galera on the tropical island of Mindoro, the Philippines, offering the luxury a guest deserves at a private beach in a tranquil secluded cove surrounded by the beauty of the jungle and boundless marine life.

Great rates & deals!

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Evergreen Diving Resort Photo #1
Evergreen Diving Resort
Dive with us into paradise! Let us show you the most spectacular Wreck-dive-sites in the Coron-Bay, spend your holiday in the middle of untouched nature and lonely white beaches! Explore unknown coral gardens & beautiful coral reefs!

Starting at US $28 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Thalatta Beach Resort Thalatta Beach Resort: Image # 1
Thalatta Beach Resort
We have the center view of the famous Apo Island; we are near Malatapay pier and market well known to locals and tourists.

Starting at US $78 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Frendz Native Resort- Party on Boracay white beach Private bungalow
Frendz Native Resort- Party on Boracay white beach
Frendz native resort located only a 2 minute walk from the main central area, close to all restos/bars. We offer accommodation from dorm style, to deluxe private air/con Bungalows.Budget for all persons.

Starting at US $10 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Purple Snapper Dive Resort Purple Snapper Dive Resort: Image # 1
Purple Snapper Dive Resort
Purple Snapper Dive Resort offers 25 native rooms. Whatever your budget is we have a room for you.

Great rates & deals!

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Casamso Boracay Casamso Boracay: Image # 1
Casamso Boracay
Casamso Boracay has 7 rooms, where all rooms have aircondition, tv and hot shower. The Standard rooms can

Starting at US $13 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Buddha's Surf Resort Buddha's Surf Resort: Image # 1
Buddha's Surf Resort
Set in the heart of the Siargao Surf community, Siargao Surf Resort gives you a true local surfing experience.

Starting at US $25 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Boracay Actopia Resort Boracay Actopia Resort: Image # 1
Boracay Actopia Resort
Boracay Actopia Resort (Active and Eutopia) situated right at Cagban Port of Boracay Island. The place is comprised of eight native styled resorts, a terrace, social area,

Starting at US $10 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Malapascua Blue Water Beach Divers Malapascua Blue Water Beach Divers: Image # 1
Malapascua Blue Water Beach Divers
This little paradise has everything the sun-worshipper or an adventurer seeks. Moreover, Malapascua Beach & Dive Resort offers you the well-mannered service it is known for

Starting at US $11 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Liquid Dumaguete Liquid Dumaguete: Image # 1
Liquid Dumaguete
A home away from home! Here at liquid we want you to feel a part of the family. As avid travelers we understand the need for comfort on a budget in a friendly relaxing atmosphere and that’s exactly what we offer, after all we live here!!

Starting at US $16 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Riverview Resort And Conference Center Riverview Resort And Conference Center: Image # 1
Riverview Resort And Conference Center
Situated in an excellent location in the heart of Calamba City, Laguna, this resort/hotel provides easy access to popular tourist attractions. Whether it's for business or leisure, Riverview is the perfect choice

Great rates & deals!

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Tonglen Resort Tonglen Resort: Image # 1
Tonglen Resort
Beautiful classic design and excellent service surrounded by gardens and lawns at a very competitive rate. Tonglen is a real retreat in Boracay and far enough away from the beachfront life not to hear it

Starting at US $23 Per Night

>> Click For Details & Pictures

Ocean Bay Beach Resort Ocean Bay Beach Resort: Image # 1
Ocean Bay Beach Resort
A family owned Boutique Resort with 16 rooms all with air-conditioned units with hot and cold shower, television and a private veranda.

Great rates & deals!

>> Click For Details & Pictures

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17 March 2013

United Arab Emirates Cities, World's 5th most managed.

United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)  cities were recognized as the world's 5th best managed cities according to IMD's World Competitiveness Centre. UAE was the 5th  worldwide as best managed cities better than the European countries and topped those most developed cities in the world.

According to Emirates247.com,  UAE is currently investing  $58 billion on infrastructure projects (roads and bridges). The figure of the development is more than any other gulf countries.

IMD World Competitiveness Centre  rated Singapore, Hong Kong , Switzerland, and Sweden as the best in managing cities in 2012.

Dream Home- Home Away From Home dream home- home away from home
Dream Home- Home Away From Home
This beautiful, highly finished and fully furnished 2 bedroom apartment in SunTowers is available for rent now. 8 high-speed elevators are on hand to take you swiftly to this unit above 30th floor where you can enjoy the luxury of an excellent panora
Starting at US $450 Per Night
>> Click For Details & Pictures

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12 March 2013

Components of National Reintegration Center for Overseas Filipino Workers

Aiming to provide total service efficiently to overseas Filipino workers, the National Reintegration Center for OFWS’ provided an Assistance Desk to do personalized  service  as well as on-line answers to queries of OFWs.

 After evaluating their needs, the Assistance Desk shall refer them to the appropriate Unit or service provider which shall assure delivery of needed assistance, based on the following menu of services:
  • ·         Job Search Assistance
  • ·         Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development
  • ·         Training and Re-tooling Assistance
  • ·         Psycho-social Services
  • ·         Brain Gain Movement Initiatives
  • ·         LGU, Community, and NGO Linkages
  • ·         Special Retirement Program
  • ·         Special Remittance Package
  • ·         Investment Portfolios
  • ·         Advocacy and Information Programs as a Stepping Stone to Family Circles 

Part of the OFW Reintegration program is Entrepreneurship / Micro Enterprise Development wherein an intensive training will be conducted particularly in the aspect of financial management, money management and skills enhancement. If then, after evaluation provided an OFW has passed all the necessary requirements, NRCO will provide assistance for business capital (starter kits), assistance to obtain business loan and assistance with product development and marketing.

For more information visit the NRCO website. National Reintegration Center for OFWs'

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11 March 2013

Philippines Photojeepney: Where Images come to life

Pictures must express emotions and deliver messages with just one look. Photos, just like a smile is an international communication that everyone understands even with different explanations. Photos, just like a smile can be enhanced in many ways. And that is where Photojeepney comes in.

Photojeepney the new online service to answer all those pictures-related woes and worries. It is a one-stop online photo studio/imaging center that can take your favorite photos and turn them into priceless pieces.

Photojeepney has ready made frames and photo key chains available for immediate purchase and delivery. Photojeepney has a fun and funky imaging services such as caricature, photo montage, instafects, Facebook cover photos and more. Photojeepney even also has print with frame services such as puzzlefects, photo surreal, photo splash and picture to oil painting services.

All transactions are done online, guidelines are provided, you will receive your orders in no time (digital files can be sent the same day ordered) and all you need to do is visit www.photojeepney.com. With just a click of the mouse while on the Internet, you can now upload your favorite photos and have them printed and delivered right at your doorstep, and at an affordable price!

Since Photojeepney is easily accessible on the Internet, you can browse for the services you want to avail online and check how much affordable their services are. You can also pay through various means, through major credit cards, PayPal, Cebuana Lhuillier and BPI bank deposits. They also ship nationwide, which means they can send your photos anywhere on the archipelago! So if you want that picture-perfect photo that will give you that edge or bring smiles to the faces of your loved ones, go to PhotoJeepney for those images to come to life!


This is a submitted article, The owner of this blog has no direct relationship of the above mentioned  company. It is recommended to contact the aforementioned personnel for their  offered services.

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05 March 2013

11 Filipinos included in the World's Billionaires in 2013

Forbes just released the lists of the World's Billionaires  with net worth calculated in March 2013. With a total of 1,426 ( a record net worth of $5.4 Trillion) people controlled the world economy, 386 of which came from the Asia- Pacific region, 11 of which came from the Philippines.

Here's the Lists of the Filipino Billionaires with net worth according to world ranking.

RankNameNet WorthAgeSourceC

Henry Sy & family

$13.2 B88diversified

Lucio Tan & family

$5 B78diversified

Enrique Razon, Jr.

$4.9 B53ports

Andrew Tan

$3.95 B60diversified

David Consunji & family

$2.8 B91construction

George Ty & family

$2.6 B80banking

Lucio and Susan Co

$2 B-retailing

Robert Coyiuto, Jr.

$1.6 B60power

Tony Tan Caktiong & family

$1.4 B60fast food

Andrew Gotianun & family

$1.2 B85real estate

Roberto Ongpin

$1.2 B76diversified

For the complete list check the link below.

                             Forbes: The World's Billionaires

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02 March 2013

Bukidnon Kaamulan Festival 2013 Livestream

Watch Bukidnon's Kaamulan Festival 2013 Livestream courtesy of GMA 7 Kapuso Channel

Showcasing the festive street dancing from different towns and municipalities.

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01 March 2013

Income Protector Plan Best Insurance Option For OFW

Being an overseas Filipino worker (OFW) is temporary and or usually work is on a contractual basis. In these nature, there's no guarantee of job security regardless of how highly skilled or technically sound the position OFW's holds . 

That is why, often times, returnee OFWs' or repatriated OFWs' hasn't been able to prepare for the possible worst case financial scenario. lives of families left home would be adversely compromised, in most cases children would be cut off from schools, a huge lifestyle changes for the family in terms of food, dining out, shopping and some household usual routine.

What if a certain family member or perhaps the family's breadwinner is sick!, where will they get financial help for the hospital bills and medicine? Social Security System or SSS and Philhealth and all other social welfare  benefits will certainly help if the whole family  is covered but of course  with certain limitations. 

Here's the best possible option for overseas Filipino worker and other interested individual who wish to get financially secured in the event of uncertainty.  When accident happens, you need to be ready to cover all possible expenses and of course!, you need to protect your income.

Chartis Philppines Insurance, Inc. offers exclusive rates on this special coverage designed to individual needs.

Get the protection you need with Income Protector Plan.
Life is unpredictable. Accidents can happen in an instant and your life can be changed forever. 
For as low as P14/day or P417/month, Income Protector Plan can provide you with as much as P2.7M worth of cash benefits for your family in cases of accidental death or permanent total disability.  

You and your loved ones will be assured of the following: 

            • As much as P800,000* immediate family assistance
            • P30,000* monthly cash support for 5 years
            • P1,000* daily hospital income for every day of confinement due to accident

Start getting an edge over accident worries.

*Income Protector Gold Plan
*Entry age 19-65 years renewable up to 72 years old

Getting sick can be very costly.  The escalating costs of medical expenses can put a strain on your family’s finances. For as low as P8/day or P235/mo, Hospital Advantage Plan can provide you with a fixed daily cash benefit of P1,000/day for each day of confinement whether due to accident or sickness. You can use it to pay your hospital bills, medicines, or other treatments for your recovery.  
You and your loved ones will be assured of the following: 
            • Fixed daily hospitalization income of P1,000/day for confinement whether due to 
              accident or sickness
            • Discounted rate on spouse’s premium for couple enrollments
            • Affordable Family Hospital Plan which includes children

Start preparing for any future hospitalization bills today.
*Entry age 19-60 years renewable up to 65 years old
*Dependent Children 5-18 years old


Details posted above are just plainly for information purposes. The owner of this blog is not an employee or has no direct connection with Chartis Philippines Insurance, Inc. 

Although the author is an insurance policy holder, the best  and wise judgement of the reader whether he is in need of financial protector plan is highly respected.

This article is not a paid press release. 

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