24 March 2013


OFWs' smart way of hiring cheap airport taxi

Overseas Filipino workers upon reaching NAIA Terminal 1 have these feelings of extreme and unexplained happiness. Undeniably of course yes with eagerness to meet their long missed loved ones. Some, after few years of working overseas might have been disoriented as to where would be better to get a taxi at the terminal area.

Almost always a problem of every returning OFW’s of hiring a safe and honest airport taxi. When getting out from the arrival area, hundreds of taxis queued for their services.

Not might always be a practice but expect overcharging if you will not ask for a meter to run or better take that government based  project of 20 pesos shuttle bus to any terminal and vice versa. 

The shuttle bus is always available at the right corner outside the arrival area. The problem is that the bus will have to wait approximately 20 minutes or more till the seats are all occupied.

If in a hurry, there’s an airport yellow cab waiting for a charge of 50 pesos to 400 pesos, don’t forget to ask for a receipt which will be given to you at their island block office outside the arrival area.  This is by far the safest than any other available transportation outside NAIA Terminal 1. These taxis are organized and record all your destination and taxi details which will help you in later time if there’s an incident or if valuables left at their unit.

When planning to stay in Manila, better arrange hotel car pick up service. This is to keep you free from burden of traveling with so much of luggage at hand.  This is also a safer service and much more convenient as there would be somebody waiting for you at the arrival area waving a placard with your name on it.

Here’s another option if in case there is no budget for the taxi (I really doubt on the no budget thing), but this is one of the wisest idea, upon getting out at the arrival area, there’s a walkway at the left side stroll that way all through the stairs go up and proceed to the departure area, where a metered taxi is available. I suggest get the details of the taxi including the plate number or the taxi body number and the driver’s details for future possible issues.

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