03 April 2013


Our Life as a natural process

I always remember my former doctor once told me long years back that “Life is full of surprises”. Indeed, and sometimes we were caught up in an overwhelming situation. 

We all struggle to win from it but sometimes we lost and fail. This is life’s natural process, the only thing that matter is how we accept and handle this process.

Sometimes, our life travels in a stream free from turbulence, swiftly passes through the oasis of happiness. We could then say we’re blessed in abundance of good fortune.

Life changes in its own ways, it has to adapt to the full force of nature. We have to observe keenly to see and follow our personal direction. If we fail, then we have to look back, assess our faults and start to rectify our life’s mistake. We should always take this as a personal responsibility.

Our life’s natural process is beyond control, we only have to find our own music and dance with it. The steps we make is our choices, as we stride and sway we will learn to keep the lessons in it.

Here’s the summary to accept life as a natural process

1.       Without God your existence is nothing.
        -          Admit that we are all subject to God’s blessings and grace. God has   
             bestowed us the intellect to wisely straddle our path for our own success.

2.       You are responsible of your own life.
      -  Your path of success is uniquely designed at your own pace. Don’t 
         compare yourself nor blame others from your shortcomings.

3.       Try to learn to accept mistakes.
        -     Sometimes, we made mistakes for a reason. That mistake is not the end   
           of our existence instead it is the beginning to get a new inspiration for our   
           daily struggle.

4.       Live your life to its fullest.
     - Enjoy life surprises and dance with the music of your struggle you will   
       eventually win it as you master your own dance steps.

5.       Life is a real show.
      - There’s no retakes, it has to go in its own way. Try to get the lessons from 
        every episode and learn from it. Move on! There’s so much to discover.

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