28 April 2013


Veronica Pedrosa in Al Jazeera News Channel

Filipinos do excel in the international media, if you often switch your TV channel to Al Jazeera news, then perhaps you have seen the three powerful Filipina regular correspondents namely Marga Ortigas, Jameela Allendogan and of course the veteran Veronica Pedrosa.

As an avid viewer of the Qatar based news channel Al Jazeera, I couldn’t help but notice the eloquence of how candid Veronica Pedrosa delivers her news coverage. Sometime of last year, I had followed her interview with the former Philippine first lady Madam Imelda Romualdez Marcos. Her spontaneity had obviously startled the former first lady and somewhat made her like grasping for fresh air or a feeling like  to move out from the hot seat every time questions thrown at her.  I could deliberately describe the whole interview as a direct confrontation since Pedrosa’s were exiled during the Marcos regime due to a reason that her mother wrote a biography of the first lady that might not passed to her liking.

This afternoon, I had the opportunity again to watch Veronica Pedrosa interviewing the Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. I could sense some strong statements asked in a pleasant tone with which the Malaysian Prime Minister has conveyed nothing but a pleasant and a direct response. The interview ended with such amazement.

Who is Vernonica Pedrosa?

Try to visit her own website and get to know her well http://veronicapedrosa.com/. Veronica Pedrosa is a veteran in an international media with 20 years of solid news experience. She has lived in three continents and grew up in London where was educated in a prestigious St. Paul’s Girls School and Newham College in Cambridge.

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