27 May 2013

Reflections of Oman

I will certainly miss this beautiful country, considering this has been my second home for seven long years.  Though, as I left four days ago, I brought with me those sweet golden memories from which this host country the Sultanate of Oman has given me.

I have gained good friends, wonderful very supportive colleagues and a well-rounded boss who until the very last chance tried to convince me to stay. I could still recall the words he said “Is there any way we could convince you to stay?”  I was overwhelmed by his statement, so genuine and sincere, but I have plans and my mind already set up to go and explore for more.  I wanted to venture a new life, a new journey and this time I am trying my luck back home.

I could never forget Oman! This country has been a wonderful place for overseas worker like me, a country where you could feel that there is impartiality when it comes to legal issues in the workforce. Perhaps, I could say that the Omanis’ (The Arab nationals in the Sultanate of Oman) are the friendliest and the most hospitable Arabs in the Middle East I’ve known. Well, one more, they’re the most conversant Arab as well! They do speak good English even taxi drivers and even the least positioned personnel in the company, they do speak English.

Oman is a vibrant Arabian country home to 3 million citizens, a place of tranquility wherein almost half of its boarders is a coastline facing the Arabian Gulf. A country with diverse and exciting places where n you could explore a mountain trail of sand dunes, a unique weather condition in the Oasis of Salalah Region, a medieval aged preserved castles, fortresses and gates that is worth  the time exploring.
The moment I stepped out at the Oman International Airport, this magnificent country will always be remembered. Oman has been and always be a part of my life and my journey of finding an opportunity  in this country came out fulfilling that I am very grateful having been in this country for seven long years.
Thank you Oman! And thank you to the locals I’ve met and worked with! You guys are amazing people.

So long, Farewell Oman…..Till I come back...maybe only the time can tell……

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18 May 2013

Discover Benham Rise: Philippines' Youngest Territory


For those wo doesn't know much about Benham Rise, I just want to share this video from Rappler Online News.

Benham Rise is a land mass off the coast of Aurora Province believed to be a rich fishing ground. This island is the youngest Philippine territory awarded by the UNCLOS.
Now, inspite of this territorial disputes on island grabbing and illegal occupation, there's still much hope for ur country.
Watch the video.


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Counting OFWs’ in the Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is home to roughly fifty thousand overseas Filipino workers collectively from various workforces, about one third of the OFWs’ happily settled in the capital, Muscat wherein a number of the Filipino expatriates handled a higher managerial position, from Health Safety and Environment, Quality Management, Administration, Healthcare, Sales, and Lecturers or Educators in Colleges and Universities. Domestic workers also accounts to substantial number in the country.

Embassy of the Philippines, Muscat Oman
Thanks to the wonderful leadership of our very own Ambassador Joselito A. Jimeno, the Filipino community has given enough support and guidance. The consular office has always initiated inspiring activities empowering all overseas Filipino workers to get a good position of achieving their dreams while working overseas. The embassy even conducted a Financial Literacy Seminar to all OFWs’ in the Sultanate, aimed to educate OFWs’ in making sound financial decisions by promoting savings and wise investments. Also, the embassy conducted continuing education to uplift the skills and work qualifications of our beloved overseas Filipino workers (OFWs’). A seminar on social graces, protocol and etiquette was also initiated by the embassy to improve the OFWs’ professional image and Foreign Service skills.

OFWs on Financial Literacy Seminar,
Embassy of the Philippines Muscat Oman
 The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) added that the Sultanate of Oman as one of the safest place for overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s). Oman being the most neutral and friendliest country in the Middle East exercised tolerance to all expatriates from different nationalities free to practice their religious and cultural inclination, this gratitude of respect evidently in Muscat wherein churches of different denominations erected, though all expatriates were advised to observe proper public dress code in the whole of Sultanate.




Pictures used in this post are taken from the Website of the Philippine Embassy, Muscat Sultanate of  Oman

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17 May 2013

UN Wants you to get involve, impact your world and Vote Now!

Wherever you maybe or whoever you are, we are all interconnected. Our world is a lot smaller than we think, we influence each other’s way of living, we share what we and have and share what we need. As an inhabitant of this world we have a social responsibility, to care for one another and protect each other from oppression and discrimination. We have living in a civilized society with a corresponding role to get involve and collectively design a world of wonders wherein we understands, share and help each other regardless of religion, race, ideologies and culture. We are the important weapons for the world to survive for another century and for the coming ages.

Now, it is time your opinion matters. United Nations wants to know what’s on your mind! UN wants you to get involve and impact your world!  Let us get inlove and tell or global leaders what kind of world we wanted to live with.

Be an advocate for change and make the difference. Vote and let your voice be heard.

MY WORLD is a United Nations global survey for citizens. This survey aims to capture people’s voices, priorities and views so that our global leaders can be informed and design the new set of goals to end poverty.


As for me, I have already voted and hoping that somehow this thoughts and opinion of mine counts. I am longing forward of a safer and better world for all mankind.

I have voted for:

  • Freedom from discrimination and persecution
  • Protection against crime and violence
  • An honest and responsive government
  • Protecting forests, rivers and oceans
  • Better healthcare
  • Action taken on climate change

How about you?  Get involve and vote now!  Visit UN Link , Click this ! > The World You Want

And you might want to like this page: https://www.facebook.com/worldwewantph
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15 May 2013

Meet the Founders of Sulit.com.ph

Sulit.com made a remarkable milestone of having 2 million registered users, 2 billion pageviews last year, and an average of 10 million daily pageviews and 700,000 daily unique visitors. Their mobile pageviews and visitors are also showing remarkable strength, receiving an average of 1.8 million daily pageviews and 112,000 daily unique visitors.
From its humble beginnings, Sulit.com.ph has evolved into a corporation called Netrepreneur Connections Enterprises, Inc., which now has 90 employees reporting to a plush two-floor office space in Ortigas.
But who's behind this number one buy and sell online site? perhaps sulit users would be interested of meeting their founders.
From a humble passion up to this day, this Philippines based online shopping site,sulit.com continued to dominate the online buy and sell category.
David was just 26 years old when he founded the company less than seven years ago in his bedroom, with only P2,400 as capital. Together with girlfriend (now wife) Arianne,, he built a free platform for posting classified ads on a wide range of categories, from clothing and accessories, to tools and gadgets, furniture and appliances, and many more.
"We hope that our latest campaign will resonate with many Filipinos who have a penchant for keeping things that are no longer being used. Instead of just taking up huge space in their house, these items can be sold to fetch earnings for the family,” said Sulit.com.ph managing director RJ David.
“Our company motto has always been to “pay it forward” and I’m excited that we got the chance to partner with top bloggers for this fundraising project for World Vision,” explained David.
A follow-up on last year’s buyer-targeted campaign ‘Ano hanap mo?’, there's a  latest campaign in part of Sulit.com.ph’s bid to maintain its leadership in online buy-and-sell, “Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!”

An old guitar, a jacket now three sizes smaller, or an unused handbag may have been sitting at the bottom of your closet at home. What if someone is willing to pay for any of these items you have already forgotten about?  the answer is “Ang hindi na ginagamit, ibenta mo na!”

Now with the special participation of bloggers, Sulit.com.ph looks to continue their partnership with World Vision. They have invited bloggers to bring a pre-loved item and sell it through their website. The total amount of sales will then be matched by Sulit.com.ph, and donated for World Vision’s humanitarian efforts.
  To learn more about what’s new at Sulit.com.ph, interested parties may follow their social media accounts: Facebook.com.ph/sulit.com.ph, and @sulit on Twitter and Instagram. Sulit.com.ph’s newest TVC


For further information, please contact:
Edd Fuentes
Fuentes Publicity Network, Inc.
Tels. 8939355 / 8163019
Email: info@fuentesmanila.com


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Oilfield’s True Adventure and Beauty

When people talk about desert and oilfield they tend to say that the place is like hell, too hot, so humid and there’s unbearable sandstorm. Well, yes, it is always true. Sometimes you will end up being stacked from the unexpected rains that will last for a day or two making the mud knee deep.

The oilfield as I should say is a favorable area for those guys seeking for a thrill of their lifetime while working for money.  I could even remember an American friend enjoying the vast sand dunes while basking under the heat of the sun bare-naked, ha ha ha yes! It is true sunbathing in the sand dunes naked!

 Working in the desert might be terrible to some and often times to myself, during the summer season just imagine a hot temperature reaching to a maximum 55 degrees centigrade, if you are not used to it then you will end up suffering from heat stress or worst heat stroke!

   The extremes of the desert weather have a parallel opportunity, there’s a hidden beauty that will mysteriously tickle your senses. Those who love to do yoga and other personal soul searching adventure, perhaps spending a night in a tent in the middle of the desert would be a strange but nice idea.  In the morning, you could spend time watching the majestic sand dunes often changes its position shape and colors while embracing the sunrays. The warm breeze of the wind swiftly leads the way for the sand to make its natural shape and forms another temporary peak and dunes. It is like witnessing up close and personal a natural architectural design.

By dusk, you can experience the sun lovely kissing the sand dunes goodbye. A wonderful romantic scenario that will remind you that life is lonely without somebody.  This is what I call, oilfield’s hidden beauty.

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13 May 2013

Practice the habit of tolerance

Our success depends largely on our interpersonal relationships, our way of getting along with other people, on how we react with our external environment. 

In today’s world we are vastly interconnected, we rely on each other’s resources and strength, it is perhaps, like your weakness in my strength and vice versa, somewhat similar or most likely a symbiotic relationship. Though we are living in a community of different ideologies, religions, races and social status but we can create a democratic and a civilized environment, all of this depends on how tolerant we are with each other.

The people we’ve met or a stranger we’ve talked every day in our offices or in the corner or somewhere in a side walk or perhaps inside the mall might have been a pleasurable learning experience if we are just tolerant enough  to spend a minute of our precious time getting to know them and share our common understanding.

According to a book Success, the Best of Napoleon Hill “Intolerance is the result of ignorance or stated conversely, the lack of knowledge”.  Tolerance is a virtue crucial to success, to get this virtue, we need to listen and understand each other, we will grow internally by doing do.

Tolerance is a habit to practice for long, in doing so, you will become a thinker with an ability to act reasonably to guide to the direction of facts and to solve possible problems and confront every struggle that hinders our opportunity for growth in our chosen career.

Success depends on your capability to handle catastrophic situations. The moment you tend to open your mind to the facts and remain truthful that’s the time you begin to cultivate tolerance. Beneath tolerance, there’s understanding that will slowly evolve to get every man to a cooperative relationship to make a leap of our chosen field of endeavors.

“It may not be your duty to be tolerant with other people whose ideas, religious views, politics, and racial tendencies are different from yours, but it is a privilege!” From Success: The Best of Napoleon Hill.
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12 May 2013

Dance with your mother today!

Today is her special day! Mother, wherever she maybe, she would love to hear you say! “Happy Mother’s Day “

At this very day, you could remember how your mother cuddles you and sing you lullaby or danced you up with those graceful waggling moves making you asleep. 

She had patiently watched you grew up and made you whoever you are now!

She had endowed you virtues and a unique clad personality, so much ready to stand alone and be strong in times of crisis.

Her endearing and precious tender care has made you a wonderful you!

 Now at this very special day, let your mother feels your dance moves, dance with her and say “Happy Mother’s Day”.



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10 May 2013

ATM and Debit Cards are no longer safe

 Cyber criminals could get you penniless by taking your money out from your ATM and Debit cards, yes! They could rob you without any weapons pointing at you. The sophistication on the organized crime online is actually alarming. We are living in a cyber-world where all of our personal details including financial transactions made online, all of these are no longer safe.

Just a while ago, while having my breakfast and watching Al Jazeera news at the same time I was astonished watching that cyber criminals took a hefty $45 Million in all ATM across 20 countries, by just a day alone they took $3 Million in 19 transactions without getting noticed!

These cyber criminals hacked all your banking transactions and used all your details by withdrawing your money from anywhere. You will just be left out of the blue upon knowing you were robbed online.  They are using a sophisticated malware system.

According to the cyber-crime analyst, these hackers are extremely talented in the computers though they haven’t got any degree or diploma some not even finished high school. Some are self-thought hackers with passion of doing it. These powerful organized hackers could even possibly be used for a cyber-war and or perhaps cyber intelligence operation. The government needs a hacker to put down hackers according to the analyst.

ATM and Debit Card are no longer safe!

Just a reminder:

1.       Don’t withdraw cash in a secluded ATM areas, check the surroundings from suspected criminals

2.       Be sure ATM keypads has a cover to protect your PIN digits when entered

3.       Check the ATMs first before withdrawing money some might had hidden cameras attached on top

4.       When making online transactions be used the site you’ve visited has an auto encryption system.

5.       Try to keep your computer safe, invest in good internet security system


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07 May 2013

Uniting Filipinos with Chikka Saving Days

Inspired by feedback from the community of users and the messages posted on social networks, Chikka’s Saving the Day campaign echoes how Chikka saves the day for their users. Just like a superhero, Chikka is always there and ready to send their messages instantly; free from wherever they are in the world, across different platforms.

“We were overwhelmed by the touching stories of our users saying that Chikka saved their day—whether it’s allowing them to send an important message when they ran out of load or helping them save for something big and exciting,” Agcaoili explained.

For Filipinos, especially those with families and friends overseas, Chikka has always been synonymous to saving. Chikka has been helping our kababayans, wherever they maybe in the world, to communicate with their loved ones here at home via free texts since its launch in 2000. To this day, Pinoys still look to the trusted name in free web-to-mobile texting to save them in times of need. 

Uniting Filipinos, one free text at a time
“Hearing their stories makes us work even harder to be of service to more Filipinos globally. And for Chikka, it is closing the gap between our fellow Filipinos, who are making sacrifices around the world, and their families here in the Philippines one free text at a time,” he noted.
With billions of messages exchanged between online and mobile communities since 2001, Chikka’s flagship Chikka Text Messenger is probably the world’s first commercially successful integration of web and mobile utilities.
The company has since evolved into an incubator for new technologies and innovation, producing telco-grade platforms and real value-added services for the new digital and mobile generation. Chikka’s mission, first stated in 2000 is: “To bring together communities, heretofore separated by geographical barriers and differences in technology.”
“Our Chikka Web Messenger is used by a significant number of Global Filipinos daily to text their loved ones here in the Philippines; they come to our site to save on texts.,” said Junie Agcaoili, Corporate Communications Director for Chikka Philippines.
Chikka is a subsidiary of Smart Communications

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06 May 2013

Vote OFW Family Party List #4

More than 10 Million OFWs and still counting but there’s nobody trustworthy enough to represent these unsung heroes in the congressional seat. Nobody is advocating OFW’s welfare!

Now it high time to get all OFWs’ voices be heard and protect them wherever they maybe in this part of the world.
Finally, OFW Family Party List is on the scene to give us voice in the most chaotic political system in the Philippines.

I have been an OFW for 10 years now, I might have been lucky getting a good job with a modest pay but every time I get home I often encountered fellow kababayans who were unlucky knowing that most of the time they were   abused, maltreated and ever succumbed to forced hard labor.

 OFW Family Party List #4 in the presence of the Ambassador Roy Seneres, overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s) will have a real congressional representative to fight for our rights and protect us from unfair working contract agreement and other corrupt practices.

Let us all stand together all OFW’s and Family members to campaign and get our representative OFW Family Party List elected!
Please visit Facebook page and like OFW Family Party List
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03 May 2013

Overseas Filipino Workers: Believe in your dreams

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs’) have an innumerable options to bring family lifestyle status a change most especially in the financial aspect, with that enormous earning more than doubled compared to working back home has given OFWs’ the potentiality of having an option of starting up a business and or perhaps engaging in a Mutual Fund or stock investments to keep them financially secured when the time they decided to finally settle back home for good.

I accidentally traversed a website, the filipinoextraincome.com, though I have never personally verified the authenticity of it but I have learned some key points of achieving our dreams, that we should never be afraid of tracking our path to fulfillment, that everything is possible if you will just believe that you can find ways and aim for it and finally achieve it.

We are dreaming of having a wonderful family, having a good paying job and or probably engaging in a business and when ready to retire we will worry no more. This sounds like a wishful thinking to anyone; perhaps some says it is just plainly a child’s dream for it is not that easy.

Your determination and courage to face the risk might tell you that your dream is worth of taking it. You should try and if you ever fail well at least you have tried than never at all!

Your brilliant ideas will always remain an idea if you will never make an action to put it into reality. Pursue your dreams and make it happen, there’s nothing worth than to try.

 Dear readers, I would like you to pause for a minute and think of your dreams…..
When you were a child what is it that you really wanted to be?
What you really want to have?
 And then watch the video below.

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01 May 2013

International Worker's Day 2013

May 1st is an International Workers' Day or" Labor Day ". But until this time, there are still countries across the globe stuggling to fully recognize labor rights of every wokers. Casual work or contractual work with limited or no benefits at all is a modern day form of slavery. Unfair working practices, unsafe working environment and unfair salarization scheme are those issues mostly  labor groups do staged to protest at this special day. 
There are certain company however do recognized rights of every workers and dialogues between management and the labor unions  were kept open so  that every issues were apprehended to maintain a healthy and a productive environment.
Employee and  workers in every different levels are the most  important assest of the company.

 Labor Day picture taken from Global OFW Voices Facebook account.

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