10 May 2013


ATM and Debit Cards are no longer safe

 Cyber criminals could get you penniless by taking your money out from your ATM and Debit cards, yes! They could rob you without any weapons pointing at you. The sophistication on the organized crime online is actually alarming. We are living in a cyber-world where all of our personal details including financial transactions made online, all of these are no longer safe.

Just a while ago, while having my breakfast and watching Al Jazeera news at the same time I was astonished watching that cyber criminals took a hefty $45 Million in all ATM across 20 countries, by just a day alone they took $3 Million in 19 transactions without getting noticed!

These cyber criminals hacked all your banking transactions and used all your details by withdrawing your money from anywhere. You will just be left out of the blue upon knowing you were robbed online.  They are using a sophisticated malware system.

According to the cyber-crime analyst, these hackers are extremely talented in the computers though they haven’t got any degree or diploma some not even finished high school. Some are self-thought hackers with passion of doing it. These powerful organized hackers could even possibly be used for a cyber-war and or perhaps cyber intelligence operation. The government needs a hacker to put down hackers according to the analyst.

ATM and Debit Card are no longer safe!

Just a reminder:

1.       Don’t withdraw cash in a secluded ATM areas, check the surroundings from suspected criminals

2.       Be sure ATM keypads has a cover to protect your PIN digits when entered

3.       Check the ATMs first before withdrawing money some might had hidden cameras attached on top

4.       When making online transactions be used the site you’ve visited has an auto encryption system.

5.       Try to keep your computer safe, invest in good internet security system


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