18 May 2013


Counting OFWs’ in the Sultanate of Oman

The Sultanate of Oman is home to roughly fifty thousand overseas Filipino workers collectively from various workforces, about one third of the OFWs’ happily settled in the capital, Muscat wherein a number of the Filipino expatriates handled a higher managerial position, from Health Safety and Environment, Quality Management, Administration, Healthcare, Sales, and Lecturers or Educators in Colleges and Universities. Domestic workers also accounts to substantial number in the country.

Embassy of the Philippines, Muscat Oman
Thanks to the wonderful leadership of our very own Ambassador Joselito A. Jimeno, the Filipino community has given enough support and guidance. The consular office has always initiated inspiring activities empowering all overseas Filipino workers to get a good position of achieving their dreams while working overseas. The embassy even conducted a Financial Literacy Seminar to all OFWs’ in the Sultanate, aimed to educate OFWs’ in making sound financial decisions by promoting savings and wise investments. Also, the embassy conducted continuing education to uplift the skills and work qualifications of our beloved overseas Filipino workers (OFWs’). A seminar on social graces, protocol and etiquette was also initiated by the embassy to improve the OFWs’ professional image and Foreign Service skills.

OFWs on Financial Literacy Seminar,
Embassy of the Philippines Muscat Oman
 The Philippine Overseas Labor Office (POLO) added that the Sultanate of Oman as one of the safest place for overseas Filipino workers (OFW’s). Oman being the most neutral and friendliest country in the Middle East exercised tolerance to all expatriates from different nationalities free to practice their religious and cultural inclination, this gratitude of respect evidently in Muscat wherein churches of different denominations erected, though all expatriates were advised to observe proper public dress code in the whole of Sultanate.




Pictures used in this post are taken from the Website of the Philippine Embassy, Muscat Sultanate of  Oman

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