15 May 2013


Oilfield’s True Adventure and Beauty

When people talk about desert and oilfield they tend to say that the place is like hell, too hot, so humid and there’s unbearable sandstorm. Well, yes, it is always true. Sometimes you will end up being stacked from the unexpected rains that will last for a day or two making the mud knee deep.

The oilfield as I should say is a favorable area for those guys seeking for a thrill of their lifetime while working for money.  I could even remember an American friend enjoying the vast sand dunes while basking under the heat of the sun bare-naked, ha ha ha yes! It is true sunbathing in the sand dunes naked!

 Working in the desert might be terrible to some and often times to myself, during the summer season just imagine a hot temperature reaching to a maximum 55 degrees centigrade, if you are not used to it then you will end up suffering from heat stress or worst heat stroke!

   The extremes of the desert weather have a parallel opportunity, there’s a hidden beauty that will mysteriously tickle your senses. Those who love to do yoga and other personal soul searching adventure, perhaps spending a night in a tent in the middle of the desert would be a strange but nice idea.  In the morning, you could spend time watching the majestic sand dunes often changes its position shape and colors while embracing the sunrays. The warm breeze of the wind swiftly leads the way for the sand to make its natural shape and forms another temporary peak and dunes. It is like witnessing up close and personal a natural architectural design.

By dusk, you can experience the sun lovely kissing the sand dunes goodbye. A wonderful romantic scenario that will remind you that life is lonely without somebody.  This is what I call, oilfield’s hidden beauty.

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