13 May 2013


Practice the habit of tolerance

Our success depends largely on our interpersonal relationships, our way of getting along with other people, on how we react with our external environment. 

In today’s world we are vastly interconnected, we rely on each other’s resources and strength, it is perhaps, like your weakness in my strength and vice versa, somewhat similar or most likely a symbiotic relationship. Though we are living in a community of different ideologies, religions, races and social status but we can create a democratic and a civilized environment, all of this depends on how tolerant we are with each other.

The people we’ve met or a stranger we’ve talked every day in our offices or in the corner or somewhere in a side walk or perhaps inside the mall might have been a pleasurable learning experience if we are just tolerant enough  to spend a minute of our precious time getting to know them and share our common understanding.

According to a book Success, the Best of Napoleon Hill “Intolerance is the result of ignorance or stated conversely, the lack of knowledge”.  Tolerance is a virtue crucial to success, to get this virtue, we need to listen and understand each other, we will grow internally by doing do.

Tolerance is a habit to practice for long, in doing so, you will become a thinker with an ability to act reasonably to guide to the direction of facts and to solve possible problems and confront every struggle that hinders our opportunity for growth in our chosen career.

Success depends on your capability to handle catastrophic situations. The moment you tend to open your mind to the facts and remain truthful that’s the time you begin to cultivate tolerance. Beneath tolerance, there’s understanding that will slowly evolve to get every man to a cooperative relationship to make a leap of our chosen field of endeavors.

“It may not be your duty to be tolerant with other people whose ideas, religious views, politics, and racial tendencies are different from yours, but it is a privilege!” From Success: The Best of Napoleon Hill.
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