27 May 2013


Reflections of Oman

I will certainly miss this beautiful country, considering this has been my second home for seven long years.  Though, as I left four days ago, I brought with me those sweet golden memories from which this host country the Sultanate of Oman has given me.

I have gained good friends, wonderful very supportive colleagues and a well-rounded boss who until the very last chance tried to convince me to stay. I could still recall the words he said “Is there any way we could convince you to stay?”  I was overwhelmed by his statement, so genuine and sincere, but I have plans and my mind already set up to go and explore for more.  I wanted to venture a new life, a new journey and this time I am trying my luck back home.

I could never forget Oman! This country has been a wonderful place for overseas worker like me, a country where you could feel that there is impartiality when it comes to legal issues in the workforce. Perhaps, I could say that the Omanis’ (The Arab nationals in the Sultanate of Oman) are the friendliest and the most hospitable Arabs in the Middle East I’ve known. Well, one more, they’re the most conversant Arab as well! They do speak good English even taxi drivers and even the least positioned personnel in the company, they do speak English.

Oman is a vibrant Arabian country home to 3 million citizens, a place of tranquility wherein almost half of its boarders is a coastline facing the Arabian Gulf. A country with diverse and exciting places where n you could explore a mountain trail of sand dunes, a unique weather condition in the Oasis of Salalah Region, a medieval aged preserved castles, fortresses and gates that is worth  the time exploring.
The moment I stepped out at the Oman International Airport, this magnificent country will always be remembered. Oman has been and always be a part of my life and my journey of finding an opportunity  in this country came out fulfilling that I am very grateful having been in this country for seven long years.
Thank you Oman! And thank you to the locals I’ve met and worked with! You guys are amazing people.

So long, Farewell Oman…..Till I come back...maybe only the time can tell……

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