17 May 2013


UN Wants you to get involve, impact your world and Vote Now!

Wherever you maybe or whoever you are, we are all interconnected. Our world is a lot smaller than we think, we influence each other’s way of living, we share what we and have and share what we need. As an inhabitant of this world we have a social responsibility, to care for one another and protect each other from oppression and discrimination. We have living in a civilized society with a corresponding role to get involve and collectively design a world of wonders wherein we understands, share and help each other regardless of religion, race, ideologies and culture. We are the important weapons for the world to survive for another century and for the coming ages.

Now, it is time your opinion matters. United Nations wants to know what’s on your mind! UN wants you to get involve and impact your world!  Let us get inlove and tell or global leaders what kind of world we wanted to live with.

Be an advocate for change and make the difference. Vote and let your voice be heard.

MY WORLD is a United Nations global survey for citizens. This survey aims to capture people’s voices, priorities and views so that our global leaders can be informed and design the new set of goals to end poverty.


As for me, I have already voted and hoping that somehow this thoughts and opinion of mine counts. I am longing forward of a safer and better world for all mankind.

I have voted for:

  • Freedom from discrimination and persecution
  • Protection against crime and violence
  • An honest and responsive government
  • Protecting forests, rivers and oceans
  • Better healthcare
  • Action taken on climate change

How about you?  Get involve and vote now!  Visit UN Link , Click this ! > The World You Want

And you might want to like this page: https://www.facebook.com/worldwewantph
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