20 June 2013

We Chat Live Chat Mobile App for Free

A friend of mine introduced me to this latest live chat  called We Chat Application for mobiles with operating systems like iOS and Android. 

I am not actually  into mobile chatting, but when I tried to download this application  (Free Download) in my Black Berry, I find it very user friendly. There's also an interesting feature in this latest live chat app, you can communicate also through voice chat by simply press hold the dial key and  say what you wanna say and press send! The receiver can hear your sent voice simply by pressing the cursor on their  your mobile.

Another feature of this latest live chat app is  that you can create a group conversation and a video call.

To use this application, you need to have a wifi connection.

To  know more about this click the link below.

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19 June 2013

SSS New Retirement Pension Program

If you have been a long time SSS member, try to check your monthly premium contribution. According to the new SSS program, a member should have at least successfully paid a total of 120 monthly contributions either consecutive or not. If you have already reached an early retirable age you can file the optional retirement program at age 60 considering the retirement age is 65.

However, if at your age of 60's, you still want to continue paying your monthly premium then you are welcomed to do so.

Please watch the video for more details.


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07 June 2013

What you should know about Pag-Ibig Fund? A video presentation

Since Pag-Ibig membership is already compulsory for all departing OFWs and all migrant workers, you should know what is it with you as members of this institution. 

Home Mutual Development Fund or Pag-Ibig Fund reaches every citizen to keep them informed about their service and benefits available to every member.

Pag- Ibig fund Manager Florencio Galang discussed every opportunity a member should know about the available services and benefits  of their members.

Please watch the video.



Video taken from the YouTube page of the Colayco Foundation.

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06 June 2013

Pinoy in Dubai: OFW Documentary

 I just want to share this YouTube video of Mr. Junie Sorsano, an OFW in Dubai, U.A.E.

He's trying to show us a typical OFW life in Dubai like going to the remittance center to send money back home, a little of shopping for personal needs and etc.

For those OFW wannabes or those who wanted to see what is life in Dubai.

What the video.

This video taken from the YouTube page of Mr. Junie Sorsano

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