02 August 2013


My new faith of being an Entrepreneur

I have worked almost half of my lifetime being an overseas Filipino worker.  I have devoted almost half of my productive life working overseas in hopes of helping my entire family trying to get a piece of what is called financial freedom, a taste of no financial worries, wherein you can have something to buy of what is necessary and sometimes a piece of luxury. As a result of this sacrifice, I have spent my 10 productive years overseas. 

Then, finally I have decided to change career and venture to  a new path of livelihood , those overseas  years are through. I have a new faith now, trying to become an entrepreneur. 

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I have been longing this all my life, dreaming, that one day, I could have a company that I can call my own. I know it's hard, challenging and risky but I have to try and give myself a shot. I still have years to risk though.

When, I got home, I wasted no time, I get all the necessary government requirements done, I want my business legitimate. I know it is hand and I don't have easy expectations. I know everything from the start would be difficult, and I am right, it was indeed difficult. From licensing to start up: product preparation that includes labeling and packaging, document sets up like printing official receipts and invoices, product  literatures and brochures, sales and marketing all of these are extremely challenging. A very much stressful tasks, but I find no reason to give up. Because everyday, I am determined that I can make it, that I could do what a  successful businessman do. 

I remember, a short talk with my potential client, a very respectable businessman in my city. He once told me that in 5 years from now, I will make good in my chosen field it is because I am so hands on. I do everything which is seldom done by those starting entrepreneurs.

Well, I hope he will be right, the way he sees what is in me would be my inspiration to work hard and ever harder to get that piece of ambition. I have the energy, courage and the determination. What people will say  might say against me will never affect me. 

This is my new battle, a fight that I alone can say I won! There are obstacles and struggle, these are just decorations as I call it, trying to remind me that I have a dream and a fight to win. 

This is my faith now, a new life and a new career.

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