16 December 2013


Latest Foreign Currencies in Philippine Pesos for OFWs'

Nine days to go and it's the most festive season of the year, Christmas is just around the corner and as expected our beloved overseas Filipino workers from around the globe already started to flock in all remittance centers to send money back home. It's time to spoil their much loved ones with their early Christmas money gift.

Here's the latest currency exchange rates taken from the Facebook page of " Tagpuan ng mga OFW"

Note: Rates may Vary from various Places Banks and Money Remitances 

US Dollar44.15

Bahrain Dinar117.10

Canadian Dollar 41.70


Australian Dollar 39.53

HK Dollar5.69

Japan Yen 0.427

Saudi Riyal 11.77

S’pore Dollar35.17

Taiwan Dollar1.48

UAE Dirham 12.02

UK Pound 71.90

Kuwait dinar 155.92

Qatar riyal 12.13

Omani riyal 114.85

Jordan dinar 62.82

Egypt pound 6.41

Brunie dollar 35.17

Malaysian ringgit 13.64

Chinese yuan 7.27

Thai baht 1.37

Indian rupee 0.71

Indonesian rupiah 0.0036

S. Korea won 0.041

Turkish lira 21.65

Norway kroner 7.14

Danish kroner 8.13

Swiss franc 49.63

New Zealand dollar 36.49

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