22 July 2014

Declaring DAP as Unconstitutional

When the Supreme Court declared the Disbursement Acceleration Program as unconstitutional in a unanimous decision, the Aquino administration refused to obey the ruling as it will just delay government projects and that they did not violate the law in implementing it. Thus President Aquino filed a motion for reconsideration and will appeal the verdict before the High Tribunal.

This is just one of the many political controversies that the Malacañang are facing and it will become a test of how the Aquino administration will get along and fare as the 2016 election is looming and fast approaching. And I cannot put aside that what’s happening right now has nothing to do with politics and that someone will do anything in order to discredit and make anomalies so their opponents will suffer. Yet it doesn’t mean too that the declaration of DAP by the Supreme Court as unconstitutional has no legal basis at all. Citing Article 6, Section 25 (5) of the 1987 Philippine Constitution, which authorizes the President, the Senate President, the Speaker, the Chief Justice, and the heads of Constitutional Commissions to transfer funds within their respective offices.

So, “cross-border transfers of savings of the executive department to offices outside the executive department” and “withdrawal of unobligated allotments from the implementing agencies and the declaration of the withdrawn unobligated allotments and unreleased appropriations as savings prior to the end of the fiscal year and without complying with the statutory definition of savings contained in the General Appropriations Act” must be cleared and approved with Congress, which has the power of the purse.

That alone would suffice everything, making the Disbursement Acceleration Program as illegal and unconstitutional even if the Aquino administration are acting in good faith in trying to fast track the government’s priority projects. In fact, even the Supreme Court justices themselves recognized DAP’s positive results which was cited from the World Bank study for its benefits to the economy. But in my opinion, any particular method by which the goal was achieved does not validate the process nor does it excuse the fact that it was inherently obtained in a wrong manner because there’s always a legal and constitutional way of asking a supplemental budget without usurping the power of the Congress.

And with the continued defiance of President Aquino in the Supreme Court’s ruling in declaring DAP as unconstitutional, I think, he somehow forget his oath of office, that the President is duty bound to preserve and defend the Constitution.
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14 July 2014

The Illegal Owner: Disputing Land Property

I think, many have no idea or perhaps don’t known that one of the reasons why the Philippine economy is so bustling right now is because of the growing OFW’s. OFW’s contribution to the GDP that reaches almost 12% (and growing) is surely undeniable. I’m pretty sure too that being an OFW is not a long term goal for everyone and many are surely would want to come home one day. So a wise investment scheme is probably the best option that one should have and one clear answer to that is putting your hard earned money in a low risk plan. Investing in land property is on top of the list of many but just make sure that the piece of land you plan to have has clean title.

In other words, you must make sure that you buy it from the lawful owner of the land and that it has no tainted anomalies or strings attached. If not then you will end up with a big headache and wasted time just like the recent disagreement between SM Prime Holdings Inc. and the Bases Conversion and Development Authority (BCDA) involving a prime lot in Taguig City where SM Aura was built.

If you are reading the news then most likely you have read different stories and both parties have different versions on the legality and who’s the absolute owner of the subject parcels of land that has been contested for its intended use. And here’s how it started and to quote, “The American Battle Monument Cemetery under the BCDA encroached on parcels of land owned by Taguig and intended for a civic center. The BCDA and Taguig City agreed to swap parcels of land in exchange of the parcel encroached on by the cemetery, the BCDA gave several parcels of land in Fort Bonifacio to Taguig. The compromise was formalized in two memorandums of agreement (MOAs) signed on Oct. 21, 1999 and Feb. 11, 2004. By virtue of the Deed of Conveyance on Jan. 17, 2008, the BCDA transferred the property to Taguig City, without any land use or zoning restrictions.

One needs not to be a lawyer to know and understand such dispute. Since Taguig, by law, is the rightful owner of the property, has the inherent power on how to use that piece of land. What caught my attention is not about who rightfully owns it but on the matter that the conveyed land has to be used as civic center. Perhaps, that’s what this is all about. One has to find some technical issue in order to get a claim and probably has something to do with competition. I think you know what I mean, considering what other property developers have done in the area.

According to reports, SM Aura Premier was built not just as a commercial complex alone because there are other facilities with in it like hotel, clinic, museum, place of worship, convention hall, public library, government and private offices and other support facilities that was required by the City of Taguig under a resolution so it will become not just a simple civic center but a mixed-used development site. So if you don’t want to be entangled with this kind of unpleasant trouble then you choice wisely before deciding.

Image from rappler.com
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02 April 2014

The Sad Part of Being an OFW

The Philippine economy’s robust growth in 2013 makes it the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia. The GDP of 7.2% has garnered a confidence voting by the world’s three major credit rating agencies thereby upgrading the Philippines’ credit rating to investment grade with a positive outlook. And one of the reasons cited of the country’s strong economic performance is the OFW’s contribution through its cash remittance that account for almost 12% of the GDP.

Despite the big contribution of the OFW’s remittance to the Philippine economy, there’s a sad part of being an OFW though. One of the most notable issues is requiring the OFW’s to secure a small piece of document called “Overseas Employment Certificate” as proof of being an overseas worker. The OFW’s are also granted by the law an exemption to pay the terminal fee and international travel tax every time they depart and return to their country of employment. Yet this piece of document has served no valid reason as you are obliged to pay for a fee in order to be exempted in paying another.

The worst part is that the financial requirements in getting the OEC take a substantial amount from the OFW’s salaries especially to the non-skilled workers. Add to that burden the time, money spent and an off day in travelling just to process the said document. Most of them don’t have the luxury of having a day-off on weekdays were government agencies are open. So they result in asking permission to be absent for a day without pay which will be deducted in their monthly take home pay. The strain is not on the amount for the OEC but on what they spent in travelling to get the required document. In most cases, they spent more, than the amount they paid for the OEC.

What’s truly troubling is the fact that there are other means in verifying that they are returning OFW’s.

Image from wikimedia commons.
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12 March 2014

Paramedic Job Opening

Here’s another job opportunity for those who are in the EMS and are trained in pre-hospital emergency. I am posting this job opportunity below just for awareness purposes and for everyone’s information only. I am not in whatsoever way connected with the recruitment agency. So, all your transactions SHOULD be directed to the mentioned recruitment agency below and NOT through here. Here are the basic qualifications for the Paramedic position required in Muharraq, Bahrain for King Hamad University Hospital:
  1. Male/Female
  2. 25-45 years old
  3. Must have Bachelor’s / College Degree
  4. BCLS, ACLS, PALS, ATCN. PHTLS is desirable
  5. Minimum of 2-year experience
And if you think you met all of the above qualifications then you simply have to contact and get in touch with:

JS Contractor Bldg.
423 Magallanes St.,
Intramuros, Manila
Metro Manila
(632) 5277955 to 57

This job opening will expire on 4 April 2014.

Image from wikimedia commons.
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02 March 2014

When is the Right Time to Invest?

With the Philippine economy continue to have a robust growth in the past few years, many Filipinos have started investing their hard earned money for better financial status in the future. Yet, there are still so many who until now are in the planning stage of their investment strategies. And some even are still having thoughts of when is the right time to invest.

I may not be a financial adviser or expert in that matter, but if you are going to ask me this question, I believe and experts would agree with me that, NOW, is the right time to get moving and start investing. Especially now that the Philippine economy is enjoying a bullish growth with a positive outlook for its credit rating and new data suggests that it is likely to continue. In fact, it was only very recently that the Philippines’ credit score was upgraded to investment grade rating. And there are already three major credit raters (Fitch, S&P, Moody’s) that upgraded the Philippine’s credit rating.

The stability of the Philippines’ funding conditions is the driving force to its climb despite the bout of market volatility in emerging countries. So the outcome is that the Philippine GDP last year has grown to 7.2%, which is the fastest in Southeast Asia and many experts have said that investment is becoming the growth engine to it. And recently, the Philippines have moved up yet another international rating when it ranked 108 in the Ease of Doing Business in 2014, from 133 in the previous year.

So with it, there’s no doubt as to when be the right time to invest your hard earned money. Now is the time to strike while the market is still hot and actively climbing and start moving your savings away from banks who can only give you a meager interest. That you can at least sit and relax while watching the Academy Awards 2014.

Image from Rappler.com
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Dubai Nurse Vacancy 2014

Today is just a short post to publish job recruitment for Nurses in Dubai. The Dubai Health Authority is looking for suitable candidates to fill several nursing specialties in the following departments:
  • ICU
Candidates must meet the following qualifications:
  1. Graduate of Diploma in General Nursing/Midwifery
  2. 2 years hospital experience in the specified specialty
  3. Valid Nursing Registration/License from home country
  4. Must be eligible for DHA license

Applicants must sign-in and create an online account at DHA Single Sign-On. Suitable candidates will be ACCEPTED for interview so check your online reference for your application status.

Check here for the DHA New Professional Licensing Process.

The next link is for you to familiarize with the latest Dubai Healthcare Professionals Licensing Guide 2013.

Last date of application is 30 June 2014.

DISCLAIMER: The owner of this blog is NOT connected in any means in the recruitment process or with Dubai Health Authority. I am just merely posting a job vacancy so everyone will know.
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19 February 2014

Facebook Acquired WhatsApp

With the growing dependency of people towards the use of smartphones, it is so evident that many application developers are trying to take advantage of the growing business. It is not bad after all but in fact, it will be a better solution so you can periodically communicate with your loved ones. This, I believe is so true to many citizens who worked and live abroad like the OFW’s who according to statistics has grown to an estimated population between 10 to 13 million, who either work or reside. And the numbers are steadily increasing for the past decades which are about 10 percent of the Philippine population.

So it is now common to find communications ways and news every now and then so easily and since Facebook is so popular, many could as well take advantage as they reportedly acquire one of Asia’s hugely popular cross-platform instant messaging applications, WhatsApp.

This could have phenomenal success for many users as they constantly look for alternatives of communicating their loved ones without spending too much. WhatsApp could potentially replace sending costly text messages in the fast growing smartphone market. Although Viber is still the most popular downloaded messaging app in the Philippines, yet WhatsApp could potentially go up in the ladder after it was acquired by Facebook.

Many believe that Facebook’s acquisition of WhatsApp could prove decisive in Asia, being the biggest battleground for social messaging apps. So try to check out and download WhatsApp Messenger if it suits your preference and or if it works with you. According to the technical report on WhatsApp, it is supported on most Android (2.1 and above), Blackberry (OS 4.7 and later including BB 10), iPhone (iOS 4.3 and later), selected Nokia and Windows based smartphones. However, there might be some compatibility issues to some Dual SIM devices with WhatsApp Messenger.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a paid post. Image from the Guardian.
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15 January 2014

OFW caregiver made it in Israel

Rosanna "Rose" Osang Fostanes became an instant celebrity  in Israel by winning as a grand champion in Israel X Factor.

Rose or Osang as she's commonly called by her friends and other overseas Filipino workers,  works  as a caregiver in Israel, though she worked there for almost a decade but her passion in  singing never stops  as a matter of fact she had once and for all proved that she  has indeed  talent in singing.  Though from the start she feels like inferior but as the reality talent show continues, she gained confidence and let her powerful voice subdued her opponents.

Truly Osang is an inspiration to all overseas Filipino workers. Her winning is another evidence of a dream come true.

Here is Rose "Osang" Fostanes winning piece in Israel X Factor

To you Rose, congratulations! you are an inspiration!

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