15 January 2014

OFW caregiver made it in Israel

Rosanna "Rose" Osang Fostanes became an instant celebrity  in Israel by winning as a grand champion in Israel X Factor.

Rose or Osang as she's commonly called by her friends and other overseas Filipino workers,  works  as a caregiver in Israel, though she worked there for almost a decade but her passion in  singing never stops  as a matter of fact she had once and for all proved that she  has indeed  talent in singing.  Though from the start she feels like inferior but as the reality talent show continues, she gained confidence and let her powerful voice subdued her opponents.

Truly Osang is an inspiration to all overseas Filipino workers. Her winning is another evidence of a dream come true.

Here is Rose "Osang" Fostanes winning piece in Israel X Factor

To you Rose, congratulations! you are an inspiration!

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